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Did you know that we are now a fully functioning, open for business, get it while it's hot, merch store? Well, we sure are!

We're up and running with Spreadshop and you can browse the MCREST store right now by clicking the link below.

Here's how it works: we uploaded our logo to their site, you pay safely and securely, they handle all the printing and shipping different  and
we get 25% of the profit to serve those experiencing homelessness in Macomb. Not a bad deal, right?

Maybe you are a host church who'd like to order t-shirts for the volunteers to wear during your next host week. Maybe you need a new water bottle. Maybe you just want to rep us as a nonprofit when you're out at the grocery store (thank you, by the way). Whatever the reason, MCREST and Spreadshop will have you covered.

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