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Shelter Services

MCREST is the largest nonprofit homeless agency serving Macomb County.

We shelter approximately 60 people on any given day of the year, 365 days per year. Among those we shelter are society’s most vulnerable.  In the past ten years, we have provided emergency shelter services and a pathway to stable housing for approximately 4,400 people, nearly a quarter of whom were children experiencing homelessness.

Many of the people we serve cope with either a physical or mental disability. Almost 30 percent of the people we sheltered from 2001-2021 managed a mental health disorder. More than one in five coped with a physical disability, while about seven percent managed a developmental disability. Fully a quarter of all those we sheltered found their way to MCREST from a place not meant for habitation, for instance, a vehicle. Eight percent of our guests experienced chronic homelessness, meaning that they had been without shelter for at least 12 months, or experienced homelessness four or more times in the past two years. 

Our mission is to end local homelessness, but we accomplish this one person in need at a time. Each person who finds their way to MCREST is unique, with their own story and special set of circumstances. We meet each individual where they are, treating them with respect and empathy and walking with them through this difficult time as they return to housing and stability.

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