Homelessness can happen to anyone.

A friend. A child. A neighbor. Maybe even you.

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The face of homelessness has changed.

Since the 2008 economic crisis, and even more so with COVID-19, we have seen the face of homelessness change. Now, nearly half the people we serve are women and children who, through circumstances beyond their control, have had their – and their sense of stability – taken away from them.

The need in Macomb County has reached a critical level and we need your help.

What is Returning Home?

The MCREST Returning Home campaign is focused on addressing the problem of homelessness in Macomb County by providing a temporary shelter and support services that are critical to return local families back to independence. When complete, the new facility will provide food, educational resources, childcare and tutoring, job training and job placement for up to 45 women and children.

By pledging your support, you will be helping hundreds of families who have run into unexpected misfortune. Most affected are the children who no longer have a stable home. They’re confused and scared. They feel unsafe.

32 Years of Service

640,000 shelter nights provided
Approx. 20,000 per year

18,048 people served
Approx. 564 per year

Homeless Children in Macomb
1448 - 2018-19

Learning & Resource Center
Since Oct. 2015
Guests Served - 630
Employment Placements - 195
Certificate Programs - 34


MCREST has provided rotating emergency shelter to families experiencing homelessness for more than 31 years.

You can make a difference by contributing toward our goal of $300,000 to complete renovations on MCREST’S Returning Home facility in Mt. Clemens. Your gift will help ensure up to 45 women and children will have the same roof over their head as they receive support services they need on their path to self-reliance.


Of the statewide homeless population are families with children


Children who are homeless according to the 2018-2019 data from the Macomb I.S.D.


Individuals each year who are taken in by MCREST

Your investment in MCREST goes far beyond a handout.

By supporting MCREST, you will be giving families who are experiencing homelessness a hand up to help them on their journey back to self-reliance. When you give specifically to MCREST’s Returning Home campaign, 100% of your donation will go toward completing this project. There are several ways in which you can make a difference:

Thanks to Our Generous Sponsors:


Tim & Patricia Joy

Cindy Gilesman

MCREST Board of Directors

And Thanks to Our Major Donors:

Robert and Rhea Corrine

The Apple Tree Foundation

Kim Scheper

Jesse Chatelle

Stories From Our Guests


Hear the story of

the Johnson family.

When COVID-19 hit, many families found their lives upended. The damage of the pandemic has been profound.

Hear the story of one of these families in their own words.

Hear the story of

Connie and her son.

COVID-19 is a huge obstacle to those in need of help, already struggling to find solid ground.


Hear the story of Connie and her son who seek a return to stability.

Hear the story of

Freshauna and her son.

Through the help of MCREST, Freshauna was able to secure permanent housing and become a children's book author.


Hear the story of what some assistance can do for a family.

TASHA came to MCREST with her three children after being asked to leave a family members home. With the help of our Learning & Resource Center she found a job as a CNA. She began immediately looking for a new home for her family. After finding an affordable three bedroom home in Warren, MCREST helped with the security deposit and up to three months rent.

Tasha is now self-reliant and her youngest son Landon will soon begin school in Warren.

EMELIA and her two daughters left housing due to a broken marriage. After researching careers at our Learning & Resource Center, she entered a CNA certificate program. After completing the program, Emelia located housing in Roseville, found a job, signed her lease and moved into her new home. MCREST assisted with the security deposit and the first three months rent.

Emelia is happy to be back on her feet and her daughters are back in school, have many new friends, and the trauma of being homeless is fading.

When MAGDALENA came to MCREST she was holding down three jobs but it was not enough to pay for housing and support three children. So while her children stayed with family, Magdalena entered an Administrative Assistant certificate program arranged by our Learning & Resource Center.

After graduating at the top of her class, she landed a great job, secured housing, and reunited with her children. A short time ago Magdalena called to inform us that she was just hired by Quicken Loans as a Regional Relationship Manager! Way to go Magdalena!

Partners in Architecture

Robert Shippy

Sebastian Building Company


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