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Homelessness can happen to anyone.

A friend.
A child.
Maybe even you.

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Local families are in critical need.


Homelessness can happen to anyone. It is more common than you think. More than 1,000 school-age children experience homelessness in Macomb County every year. These homeless students represent more than 500 homeless families with nearly 2,000 homeless family members.  

MCREST is dedicated to helping children and families. This past year, MCREST opened a shelter that provides a stable location for more than 50 women and children at a time to receive the wraparound services necessary to transition to self-reliance.

As costs of living soar and rent becomes unaffordable for too many local families, children and families are being left behind.

Need in Macomb County has reached a critical level. 

We need your help.

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Your investment in MCREST goes far beyond a handout.

By supporting MCREST, you will be giving individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness a hand-up to help them on their journey back to self-reliance. When you give to MCREST, you can give confidently: 100 percent of every dollar donated last year directly supported individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

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What is Returning Home?

The annual year-end MCREST Returning Home Campaign ensures the not-for-profit can continue to provide the emergency shelter and support services that are critical to return local individuals and families back to independence in the coming year.

By pledging your support, you will be helping hundreds of individuals and families who have run into unexpected misfortune. People, especially children, lose their sense of stability when they lose their homes. They’re confused and scared. They feel unsafe.

Corporate Sponsors


Thanks to our generous corporate sponsors:

Weingartz and
Christian Financial Credit Union

every dollar you donate to Returning Home will be matched – up to $22,500. Your investment, no matter the amount, will provide life-altering support to local individuals and families experiencing homelessness and help return them back to self-reliance.

This year we have set our goal at $225,000.

100 percent of every dollar donated will directly support individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

Hear stories of struggle and resilience.

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The Johnson Family


"Due to the pandemic, I lost my job. So we went from two incomes to one very quick...It's very very difficult to find housing, an apartment...They don't want to give people an opportunity."



"The MCREST program makes us feel, like I said, we're family. They will listen to us no matter what it is. You can be at your lowest moment and they'll take their time, no matter what, to help everybody. That I've seen here."

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"I had called so many places because I didn't know that shelters didn't take you if you were a mother with a child. I thought that all shelters just take you if you need somewhere to go...We came to MCREST and the support was from day one to the end."



"A safe place to sleep for me and my son. They push me to do better; to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. They never gave up on me."

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