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Learning & Resource Center

We train our guests for future success.


Since its inception in 2013, the mission of the MCREST Learning and Resource Center (LRC) has been: “To guide, train and assist our guests in securing employment on the path to an independent life.” Though this remains the initial focus, the resources associated with the Center continue to expand and evolve to meet the needs of our guests. Each guest is encouraged to interview with a member of the LRC staff for an assessment of their situation, needs and goals.

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The LRC has a uniquely well-equipped computer lab that is staffed full-time to provide guidance as needed. It has a keyboarding improvement program and videos for developing soft skills and interviewing techniques. Guests also have the capability of taking on-line classes.

In addition to workforce-related resources such as resume and interview preparation, career/interest inventory assessments, job searches and help with proper work attire, the LRC also forms direct connections with HR departments when possible, providing them with expedited access to job interviews and potential employment.

Weekly the LRC updates and provides job listings that are either within walking distance or easily available by bus from the MCREST Women and Children Shelter's location. These are also posted on a bulletin board in the building lobby.

In addition, the LRC has developed relationships with schools and training centers. As a result, many guests have been able to expand their skill base and experience into a more formalized certification. When completed, the LRC updates their resumes to help them to secure better jobs and careers in new fields.

The LRC has assembled a library of resource binders and online sources that contain a wealth of information on topics of interest to our guests, such as Parenting, Anger Management, Self-Improvement and Financial Resources. Plans are in place to invite speakers and host educational programs in person.

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And the LRC is still growing.


The LRC is excited to be in a new self-contained shelter. The stability it provides guests enables much better on-site access to individualized support. Additional offerings are being planned for future programming.

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Janet Peplin, Director
Jen Karaffa, Assistant

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