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Dear friend,


Now in our 34th year, MCREST remains dedicated to supporting individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Macomb County and empowering them to transition to self-reliance and housing. Last year, MCREST served approximately 350 people. Fully a quarter of all those MCREST serves are children.

As homelessness surged due to COVID-19, MCREST expanded our services to meet the crisis, serving approximately an additional 215 adults and 100 children experiencing homelessness during this past winter.  

Together with your support, this year we opened a fixed shelter in Mt. Clemens that now provides wraparound services to up to 45 women and children at a time as they journey home.

In our new shelter, we are expanding our innovative Learning & Resource Center, which has provided nearly 800 people experiencing homelessness with educational opportunities and job-placement and job-readiness services, helping our guests secure jobs in high-demand fields and transition to stable lifestyles.

Your investment in MCREST is far more than a handout. It is an investment in transforming lives and rebuilding futures. 

On behalf of the men, women and children experiencing homelessness who will benefit from your compassion and generosity, I want to personally thank you for your consideration and hope that you will partner with us today to make a difference in your community.   

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April Fidler
CEO & Executive Director, MCREST

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You can also give of your time.

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Behind every success story of MCREST’s is a caring person just like you! Give of your time and transform the lives individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

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