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Monica & Tre’s Story
July 19, 2021

Monica and her teenage son Tre came to MCREST in April 2021. They had been staying with someone while they were in the process of moving into their own place. Unfortunately, that person stole from them, and they had nowhere to go.

Monica and Tre qualified for the housing program that MCREST assists with. Monica and Tre were chosen by the group to qualify for the program that provides extra help.  The agency that oversees the program contacted Monica, and they worked together in the housing process.  Monica also began looking for a place for herself and Tre.

MCREST helped Monica with getting needed paperwork for the program. Then one day Monica got a call that changed everything for her and Tre.

Monica and Tre were able to move into their own place relatively quickly. On that first day in their own home, Monica and Tre were thrilled—and so grateful.

They have a home at last.

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