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Our mission is to provide homeless and displaced individuals the opportunity for successful transition to independence.

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Who Are We?


MCREST provides meals, lodging, life-skills training, and emergency shelter 365 days each year to individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Macomb County.

We've been returning families home for 35 years.

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Our mission has always been to provide homeless and displaced individuals the opportunity for successful transition to independence. Our vision of a community is a place where men, women and children experiencing the trauma of homelessness find emergency solutions and housing resources.


We want to be the premier advocate for homeless and at-risk individuals and provide a point of entry to smooth the road and make that transition accessible.


Homelessness can happen to anyone.

A friend.
A child.
Maybe even you.

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Your financial support fortifies our organization, so we can serve as pillar holding up the most vulnerable people living in Macomb County.

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As we open our hearts to the season of giving, we invite you to be a part of our mission to combat homelessness in Macomb County. The numbers are sobering—homelessness rose 31% in Metro Detroit between 2021 and 2022, reflecting a growing crisis that demands our collective attention. Behind each statistic lies a human story of resilience, with individuals facing not only homelessness but also battles with mental health disorders, physical disabilities, and the aftermath of domestic violence.

At MCREST, we are more than just a lifeline; we are a community-driven force with a proven track record spanning over 30 years. Our impact is substantial, having provided over 2,000,000 meals and more than 680,000 nights of shelter since our inception in 1988. In 2022 alone, we served 651 individuals experiencing homelessness, with 25% of them being children.

Our commitment extends beyond immediate relief, encompassing essential programs like the Rapid Rehousing Program and our fully-staffed Learning and Resource Center. These initiatives assist hundreds in accessing DHHS benefits, securing short-term rent assistance, and gaining the tools needed for job searches and education. We are proud to operate 24/7, thanks to the dedication of staff, volunteers, and the support of 70 member churches across Macomb County.

As we enter year two in our new Mt. Clemens facility—a Women and Children's Shelter—we reflect on the strides made and set our sights on the future. Your support has already made a significant impact, and we now embark on a new capital campaign to build a Men's Shelter, further expanding our capacity to provide shelter, stability, and compassion.

Join us in continuing our tradition of success and growth. Your contribution, whether big or small, makes a tangible difference. Wishing you the happiest of holidays, and expressing our deepest gratitude for your unwavering commitment to our homeless brothers and sisters during this season of giving.

Here is what your financial support enables us to do:


Provides public transportation for a guest for 1 day


Laundry for a guest for 1 week


One night of shelter


Gas to get someone back and forth to work for 1 week


Feeds a family of four for 1 week

What is Returning Home?

The annual year-end MCREST Returning Home Campaign ensures the not-for-profit can continue to provide the emergency shelter and support services that are critical to return local individuals and families back to independence in the coming year.


Our annual expenses near $4 million dollars.

We receive institutional support through grants annually, but stability in both the expected amounts and delivery times can be hard to come by. Individual donors finding space in their hearts and pocketbooks for MCREST's cause is integral to our financial health.

The future holds big things for MCREST -- we're moving full steam ahead on our goal to build a Men's Shelter on the property next door to our Women and Children's Shelter. Other future expansion goals include transportation services (currently we invest heavily the purchase of bus tickets to provide our guests daily), childcare assistance, self-improvement classes and student tutoring.

We have set our goal at $225,000.

You Should Get To Know Us.

We're on a mission to return families home.



For nearly 35 years, MCREST has rebuilt lives and transformed futures. Our mission continues today.


Volunteer today to be the spark that ignites transformation.

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MCREST’s new Women & Children’s shelter is a game changer for families experiencing homelessness.

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Give Now

You can choose to change lives. Donate today to have an immediate impact for good.

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What We Do Matters.

Our mission has always been to provide homeless and displaced individuals the opportunity for successful transition to independence. Our vision of a community is a place where men, women and children experiencing the trauma of homelessness find emergency solutions and housing resources.



More than

of those that we

serve are children.


More than

meals provided since 1988.




More than

nights of shelter provided since 1988.


More than

individuals taken in each year by MCREST.


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Hear stories of struggle and resilience.

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"Pursuing school while bring homeless is hard. If you're dedicated enough to reach your goals or if you have your eyes set on a specific thing, then you will go for it...Getting to school from MCREST is an hour and a half, sometimes two hours, depending on how the buses run."

The Johnson Family


"Due to the pandemic, I lost my job. So we went from two incomes to one very quick...It's very very difficult to find housing, an apartment...They don't want to give people an opportunity."

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"The MCREST program makes us feel, like I said, we're family. They will listen to us no matter what it is. You can be at your lowest moment and they'll take their time, no matter what, to help everybody. That I've seen here."



"I had called so many places because I didn't know that shelters didn't take you if you were a mother with a child. I thought that all shelters just take you if you need somewhere to go...We came to MCREST and the support was from day one to the end."

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"A safe place to sleep for me and my son. They push me to do better; to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. They never gave up on me."

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MCREST Offices


215 South Main St.
Mt. Clemens, MI

(586) 415-5101

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