Hear From Our Guests

Meet Connisha.

Listen to her story, from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

"A safe place to sleep for me and my son. They push me to do better; to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. They never gave up on me."

Hear From Our Staff

The following is an interview a MCREST case manager had with a current MCREST client.

How has coming to MCREST helped you during the current pandemic?

“If MCREST was not helping us, we would be sleeping in my car. We have a safe place to recover from COVID-19 and stay under quarantine without getting anyone else sick. After the quarantine is over, I will be able to stay in a safe environment and start looking for child care and a job. I want to find a place to live with my daughter. Without MCREST helping us, it would be difficult to accomplish these goals.”

What happened that caused you to seek shelter at MCREST?

“My daughter and I were staying with my cousin for one year and a couple months. She kicked us out without any warning because I was sick. I had a fever off and on for a few weeks. The day she kicked us out, my fever was the highest it had been. My daughter and I went to the hospital to get checked out. They would not let us in the building but checked me at curb-side. They checked my breathing and my temperature. They gave me a prescription to treat the virus and sent us on our way. I looked up emergency shelters and found the telephone number for MCREST. I called the number and drove directly to the office in Roseville. I am not sure where we would be now if MCREST did not let us stay.”


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