Planned Giving

Through planned giving, you can leave a legacy.

All gifts to MCREST are greatly appreciated, but with the help of Thrivent Financial you can make an impact for a long time to come. By exploring your options with planned giving, you can establish a schematic of philanthropy to make a lasting difference in the quality of life for the homeless of Macomb County. Some people leave their name on a library or campus building; your legacy can be directly felt in the lives of others.

What is planned giving?

A planned gift is a form of fundraising that refers to several specific gift types, often established in perpetuity, that can be granted in many forms: cash, stocks, personal property, real estate, bonds, or life insurance. By working with your attorney or accountant, and our friends at Thrivent Financial, you can develop a gift to MCREST that fits your finances, desires, and values, to be granted during your life or after your passing. These gifts are optimized to benefit your estate and not pull from your discretionary income.


The ways that planned gifts can manifest are endless, but they can be categorized in three ways:


            Gifts given outright.

            Gifts that will return income or other financial benefits.

            Gifts to be paid after your passing.

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Also, there are tax benefits!

When you give property, like real estate, you can receive a charitable deduction for the full market value of the donation and pay zero capital gains. Donors who set up a recurring income-based gift will receive a substantial tax deduction. And gifts bequeathed upon the death of the donor will be exempt from the estate tax. All this and more!


I am interested! Who can I talk to?

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Doree J. Cook, FIC

Financial Associate

586-799-4652 ext. 148

Ann M. Escandon, FIC

Financial Associate

586-799-4652 ext. 149

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