Matching Gifts

What is a matching gift?

Employers often offer matching gift programs where if you make a charitable donation to an organization like MCREST, they will also donate an equal amount.

Does my employer match donations?

Here is a handy tool to determine if they do! Please click here to search the Matching Gift Portal created by Blackbaud. It will list if your company has a program and what the terms of the program are.

What is the impact of matching gifts?

Over a thousand major companies sponsor matching gift programs. This engagement with local nonprofits can circumvent slower more traditional methods of giving through the companies, getting relief to the homeless faster. By demonstrating your generosity, you can double your donation just like that. Some companies will even triple or quadruple the amount of the donation.

Who should I get in contact with to make my donation?

All that you, your partner, your friends, your adult children need to do is request a matching gift form from your human resources department or look for the form on your company website. After you fill out the form, attach your check or money order and send it to us in the mail. Digital donation is not conducive to the matching gift process. Once we receive the form and money, we will get in touch with the HR rep and do the rest!

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