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MCREST Monthly

February 2024

Don't look now everybody, but spring has sprung! The heat is touch and go, but the sun seems like it is here to stay. And we at MCREST are relieved -- our staff has been trudging through a long, hard winter of increased challenges and they deserve every speck of sunshine they can get. Large influxes of individuals experiencing homelessness for the first time, people seeking emergency shelter instead of camping or living in their car due to the frigid temperatures -- these folks joined our usual high number of guests to create a sustained wave of need that exceeded our capacity. Our case managers, front desk staff, administrative staff -- they all worked extra hours and endured bouts of flu, COVID and whatever else the winter season brings to a shelter with high traffic to meet this increased need with the hard work, flexibility, ingenuity and compassion that MCREST is known for.

Along with every care organization in Macomb County, we hit capacity. We put out the call for emergency funds to secure hotels for these vulnerable individuals -- and you came through. We even wound up on WDIV Local 4 and educated the Metro Detroit area about who we are and what we do.

And now, as the green grass starts to grow and life returns to the Earth, we express our gratitude to YOU, our supporters, our host church members, our community, for lifting us through this challenging winter and we celebrate with you that the sun is now here to stay.

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Many of you know that for a number of years MCREST has been the primary nonprofit beneficiary of the Southeast Michigan Chamber of Commerce. Our partnership with this organization has been a huge blessing to MCREST both through the relationships we have built with local businesses and government officials. But also, we have steadily received significant financial contributions from members!

We are so grateful to the good people at Dana Corp. for their generous donation at the Wednesday, February 28 at Andiamo in Warren. DANA is known for investing in the community and gave $4,000 to MCREST for continuted shelter capacity expansion. DANA became involved with the Southeast Michigan Chammber of Commerce by serving for multiple years as the Presenting Sponsor of Cruisin' 53, an annual summer car show and parade on Van Dyke corridor put on by the Warren Community Foundation, a nonprofit arm of SMCC.

A particular thank you goes to the employees of DANA Corp! They took it upon themselves to hold a bottle drive with the results benefiting MCREST. When the initiative raised an impressive $2,000, the floor manager took it upon himself to match it! This is what community spirit looks like and we could not be happier to receive this gift to our guests.

Face of Homelessness


of our guests have a physical disability

We all know that challenges compound in life -- those who are afflicted with a physical disability can have harder time finding and sustaining steady work as many environments do not adapt to their accessibility needs. Life without stable housing creates can create significant conditions. All this adds context to this month's demographic stat -- 22% of our guests report having a physical disability.

MCREST's Women and Children's Shelter is ADA compliant -- as are our partner churches. Many of our rooms are designed to be easily navigated by those with reduced movement. And we make efforts to ensure that our guests have what they need to live a life of dignity. Recently, one of our guests had an emergency medical issue that led to the need for wheelchair. Our Administrative Assistant, Judy Sutherland, put out the call for a wheelchair for this guest and within a couple days we had one for the guest's use upon discharge from the hospital.

Volunteer Spotlight

The MCREST program is built to take care of immediate needs -- food, shelter, a place to sleep, a place to wash, transportation. When our partner churches take it upon themselves to invest in the quality of life of our guests, our hearts are full and we express our gratitude for those who can provide the experiences that help give life color and texture while we provide basic needs.

St. Francis - St. Maximilian Church, located in Ray, MI, served as our host church from February 12-17 and took it upon themselves to plan a full itinerary of activities for our guests to take part in and experience community after so much time in stark isolation for many of them. A particular highlight that we heard mentioned was Painting with a Twist! See some lovely painted frogs below!

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Partner Spotlight

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In a heartwarming display of synergy, Dorsey College (Roseville) partnered with MCREST to turn a routine haircut into a delightful experience for our guests. The cosmetology students from Dorsey College, eager to hone their skills, offered their expertise to provide haircuts for individuals seeking a fresh look. This collaboration exemplifies the power of community engagement, where the desire to give and receive comes together in a beautiful exchange.


At MCREST, we welcome and encourage partnerships that bring joy and enrich the lives of our guests. Thank you, Dorsey College, for contributing to the well-being and confidence of those we serve. Your commitment to making a positive impact in our community resonates, and we look forward to future collaborations that create moments of joy and transformation.

Host Churches

A thank you to our partner churches.

For every tray of food. For every cot unfolded. For every pillow fluffed and sheet pressed. For every coat donated. For every doorknob wiped and counter sprayed. For every washer and dryer cycle. For every bottle of water or bottle of shampoo. For every toy at Christmastime. For every smile unearthed after weeks or months of hardship.

For the kindness. For the stewardship. For the gentleness. For the patience. For the graciousness. For the sweat, the hours, the plans made and remade, the quick fixes and the open arms.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

January 22 - February 29


Our Lady of Hope Parish, St. Clair Shores
St. Clement of Rome Church, Romeo
St. Francis-St. Maximilian Church, Ray
St. Lucy Catholic Church, St. Clair Shores

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