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COVID-19 Response

How It's Going

MCREST shelters homeless individuals, families, and children, usually through the generous support of congregations across Macomb County—churches that closed their buildings in 2020. As a result of COVID-19, the organization sheltered individuals and families experiencing homelessness at a local motel rather than in potentially infectious congregate settings at a church. Congregations continued to support our mission by providing three meals a day during the week they were scheduled to host the rotating shelter.


Close to half of the guests at the motel were families. The kids attended school virtually in the Roseville school district. Our dedicated staff assured that each student had a tablet or laptop to attend school. The students studied, completed their homework, and worked hard towards a high academic performance in a quiet, safe environment.


Thanks to the generosity of Michigan Foundations, our church members, service organizations, our loyal supporters, and the Macomb County Emergency Management, MCREST was able to continue its mission of sheltering individuals and families experiencing homelessness during COVID-19, keeping our guests warm throughout the winter of 2020-21

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I want to personally THANK YOU for your incredible, gracious response to our call for help!

God bless all of you for caring about the less fortunate in our community!

April Fidler

Executive Director & CEO

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Where It's Headed

MCREST expects an increase in homelessness as the pandemic continues and eviction moratoriums and rental assistance end. Our work of sheltering families Macomb County families experiencing homelessness is more critical than ever. 


A group of churches have returned to hosting. But as of the beginning of 2022, MCREST’s guests continue to be primarily housed in the motel due to the continuation of COVID-19 and complications of the Delta and Omicron variants. Macomb Community Action continues to be a strong funder of our hotel model, helping us keep our guests sheltered despite the pandemic.

We look forward to opening our newly renovated Mt. Clemens women and children’s shelter to guests in the first quarter of 2022. Men experiencing homelessness will rotate through churches weekly, as our church partners continue to be an integral part of our model. New or existing church partners will have the opportunity to serve families experiencing homelessness at the new building by providing meals to the women and children in our renovated kitchen facilities.  


We still need your help! If your church wants to become involved in our mission and host a week for our guests, contact our church & volunteer liaison, Christina Naden, at We will provide the support and PPE you need to help us shelter Macomb County individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

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