COVID-19 Response

How It's Going

MCREST shelters homeless individuals, families and children, usually through the generous support of congregations across Macomb County - churches which have now closed their buildings. As a result of COVID-19, the organization is now sheltering homeless individuals and families in rooms at a local motel rather than in a potentially infectious congregate setting at a church. Congregations have continued to provide three meals a day during the week they were scheduled to host the rotating shelter.

Thanks to the generosity of Michigan Foundations, our church members, service organizations, our loyal supporters, and the Macomb County Emergency Management, MCREST has the funds necessary to keep our guests safe and warm through the end of the year.

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I want to personally THANK YOU for your incredible, gracious response to our call for help!

God bless all of you for caring about the less fortunate in our community!

April Fidler

Executive Director & CEO

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Where It's Headed

Close to half of the guests at the motel are families. The kids are attending school virtually in the Roseville school district. Our dedicated staff assured that each student had a tablet or laptop to attend school. The students are studying, doing their homework and working hard towards a high academic performance.

Many low wage families, as a result of the pandemic, are living on a financial edge facing job loss and financial ruin. MCREST expects an increase in homelessness as the pandemic continues and rental assistance ends.
Beginning on November 22nd, funded by the Macomb County Emergency Management and a HUD Emergency Solutions Grant, MCREST will increase its shelter capacity at the motel to protect individuals and families from the cold winter months and CoVID-19. Anyone who needs shelter from the cold or faces homelessness as a result of the pandemic please call us at 586-415-5101.


We still need your help! The need for motel rooms for our current and new guests will continue into at least early 2021. The cold weather is here. We need to continue to keep our guests safe and warm into 2021. Please help by contributing today!


Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel speaks with Tim about his experience with homelessness.


Thank you Tim for being willing to share your story about how homelessness has impacted your life and how the MCREST organization is making a difference in Macomb County even in this time of challenge with our response to COVID-19.

Hear from a Guest