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MCREST Monthly

April 2024

I don’t know about you, but everywhere we look things seem to be sprouting up! And we don’t just mean the grass and flowers outside of our building. Seeds of all kinds around here have been planted and are showing impressive and steady growth!

MCREST has hired new development consultants.  This is to ensure we take this vast and beautiful infrastructure we have, including over 70 partner churches, a permanent shelter and offices, and a strong reputation of responsibility, stewardship and executional track record over nearly 30 years, and fortify it properly as we steer it into the future.

Oh, and we have four new staff members! Welcome aboard to Kristen and Cali (Case Managers), Kimerie and Kaylyn (Front Desk)!

How else are we growing? We have six new In-Kind Donation Programs meant to create sustaining channels of supply for the items we are supplying our guests daily (more on that below).

We’re streamlining the definition of a “member church” to better fit the week-to-week experience of hosting guests through our rotating shelter program to the churches needs. Other expansions are in the incubator and will be seen in the near future!

And last but certainly not least, there is a new baby in the MCREST family! Many of you know and love our CEO April Fidler and she has now expanded her portfolio to include grandmother! We are so happy for grandma April, mother Ariel and uncles Joe and Ryan.

Welcome to the world, baby Avianna Rose!

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Impact Stat


total persons served by MCREST so far in 2024

Here's an impact statistic that is pretty easy to understand -- we've helped over 250 people so far in 2024! This marks the number of guests we've assisted in the first 1/3rd of the year.

This period of the calendar year undeniably brings a stark increase in the amount of guests in need of shelter, as they represent the winter months where people experiencing homelessness require the warmth and security of the indoors.


You can look at this number and see evidence of the unfortunate amount of individuals in need of shelter and essential services in Macomb County. But you can also see evidence of the long hours worked and the passion dedicated by our staff, board, partner churches, organizational partners and volunteers.

I wonder what we can all do together in NEXT 4 months!


MCREST launches six new In-Kind Donation programs!

Donate to a Program

It's natural to feel reticent when a nonprofit asks for a donation -- we all feel strain on our pocketbooks. But there are SO many smaller, simpler ways that you can help the homeless of Macomb County without having to write a big check.

Blankets. Toothpaste. Bus tickets. We are making an effort to create recurring sources for the items that make up the stuff of life -- the essentials that we provide our guests daily and can run our budget dry.

What are we asking for? For you to scan our QR code, sure. But we are putting out the signal for folks who will throw an extra item in their cart at Walmart or Target. People who have extras sitting in their garage or basement that could be put to community use. A business owner who wants to make a recurring investment in the community that invests in them -- and see the tangible results.

Through partnership, we build sustainable networks of support that can ensure no one has to wonder where their next meal will come from, how they will get to work or if they will have clean clothes.


The Programs:

Fresh Feeling Fund
The human right to feel clean. ie. Toiletries (toothpaste, soaps, deodorant, feminine care)


Bundle Up!
Keeping people warm and dry. ie. Fabrics: clothes, blankets, sheets


A to B Program
Helping our guests get to work and school. ie. Transportation


Power Pantry
Morning fuel before school. ie. Non-perishables


Laundry Days
Our machines run all day long! ie. Tide pods, dryer sheets


It Takes a Village
Creating stability for moms and kids. ie. Childcare


#THANKYOU and please spread this far and wide with your friends and neighbors!

Are you a business owner or community member who wants to engage in one of these programs on a recurring basis?

Need to discuss details? Contact us at and we will be in touch with you ASAP!

Volunteer Spotlight

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Riiiing riiiing! Do you hear that call? It's a call for volunteers! We want YOU!


Want to make a positive impact in your community? MCREST is looking for amazing volunteers like you to join our team!

No experience needed – just a willingness to help! By giving a few hours of your time, you can directly support our guests experiencing homelessness as they work towards a brighter future.

Here's what you need to know:

Check out our website! We've got all the details on volunteering at MCREST: – including FAQs, application information, and volunteer sign-up once you're approved.

The process is easy! Just fill out a quick application, and we'll take care of the background check.

Flexible scheduling! We have a variety of volunteer opportunities to fit your interests and availability. Here are a few examples:

Cleaning Crew: Keep MCREST sparkling clean! These daytime shifts (10 am to 2 pm) involve wiping down surfaces, vacuuming, and ensuring a fresh and welcoming environment.


Packing Brunches: Help assemble sack lunches that provide essential nutrition for our guests. Shifts are from 10 am to noon.


Kitchen Crew: Join our team during dinner service (4 pm to 8 pm) to help with check-in, meal prep, serving, and keeping things running smoothly in designated areas.

Because of your efforts, a family can enjoy a warm meal, a child can have a safe space to play, or someone can find a helping hand on their journey towards self-sufficiency.

Have questions? The application seem daunting? Don't sweat it! Just shoot us an email and we'll be happy to chat. Together, we can make a difference.

Click the button below to apply to volunteer!


Monthly Communal Meals at MCREST!

At MCREST, we believe in the power of community—and what better way to celebrate it than through food? Our guests at the Women and Children's Shelter have been eager to give back and show appreciation, so we've launched something special: monthly communal meals where everyone comes together to cook, share family recipes, and enjoy each other's company!

Our first communal meal was a BBQ extravaganza! From tender pulled pork to juicy chicken and savory smoked sausage, the aroma alone was enough to make mouths water. And let's not forget about the sides—Mac n' Cheese, a vibrant salad bar, and more delights.

One standout dish stole the show: Misha's famous banana pudding. Creamy, dreamy, and bursting with flavor, it was a hit with everyone lucky enough to snag a spoonful. Misha's generosity and culinary talent truly embody the spirit of our communal meals.

None of this would be possible without the dedication of our Kitchen Coordinator, Jay. From planning and preparation to execution, Jay ensures that every meal is a success. We're incredibly grateful for Jay's hard work and leadership—all days, not just on communal meal days.

These communal meals aren't just about food—they're about fostering connections, building community, and spreading joy. Additions like these may seem small but they bring big quality of life to those going through immense struggle. This new activity is getting our brains storming up some other ideas for guest life in our building!


Guest Success Story

We are so proud of Thalese and her two daughters who have persevered through challenges and are now entering permanent housing!

After a stay in our Women and Children's Shelter, this family will be moving into their new home through assistance from our Rapid Rehousing program.

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Host Churches

A thank you to our partner churches.

For every tray of food. For every cot unfolded. For every pillow fluffed and sheet pressed. For every coat donated. For every doorknob wiped and counter sprayed. For every washer and dryer cycle. For every bottle of water or bottle of shampoo. For every toy at Christmastime. For every smile unearthed after weeks or months of hardship.

For the kindness. For the stewardship. For the gentleness. For the patience. For the graciousness. For the sweat, the hours, the plans made and remade, the quick fixes and the open arms.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

March 22 - April 30


Life Application Ministries, Warren
Macomb Christian Church, Shelby Township
Utica United Methodist Church, Sterling Heights

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