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MCREST to Launch Moms for Moms Campaign to Furnish New Shelter for Macomb County Mothers and Children
April 13, 2021

Being a mom is challenging for any woman. But moms experiencing homelessness encounter unique challenges. At MCREST, we wrap moms experiencing homelessness and their children around with support to enable every family to transition to self-reliance. And, beginning May 1, you can help!
On May 1, MCREST will launch the Moms for Moms Campaign to furnish a welcoming and transformational new shelter that will provide services to mothers and children experiencing homelessness.


These services will include child-care, job readiness and job placement assistance, tutoring, self-improvement classes and rental assistance giving every mom entering the program an opportunity transition to housing and self-reliance. Housing stability will reduce trauma for children, creating an environment in which they will thrive.

Since the economic recession of 2008, more than half the guests we serve have been women and children, as MCREST experienced the changing face of homelessness. Now, with COVID-19, families increasingly face eviction.

With the support of area businesses, the general public, and its dedicated church members, MCREST will soon finish a permanent place shelter located in Mt. Clemens for area moms and children experiencing homelessness.


Beginning May 1, supporters can honor their own mothers and join the effort to make that shelter a transformational place that offers stability and reduces the trauma of homelessness for both mothers and children by making an in-kind or cash gift. The furnishings and accessories featured on our Amazon Wishlist include cookware to provide healthy meals, sheets, blankets, pillows, baby items, toys, books and more.

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